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I want to log into a web site while I am overseas but it will not allow me to do so from abroad

There are  a few web sites such as Amazon which will not allow me to download episodes/movies from that they have while I am abroad. But it detects your IP and where it is from and does not allow anything to happen. I want to know how I can at least fool it that I am in the US so that I can download.
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You will need to vpn to a server in the USA and download that way, else you could try a proxy server local to the US.

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I am a little new to this can you give me some detail.
VPN such as maybe renting server space from a provider and logging into it. I am not fully sure how this would work.

The second way to proxy how would that work?
Proxy is a way of using someone else's server to browse the web. That way, if your IP is being block by a particular site, you can still access it because the proxy server reroutes your request through its own server, meaning its own IPs and then passes the results back to you.

So, the target server see's proxy's IP and not your IP.

As in your case, if you use a US based proxy site, then your request will be granted coz the target site will the proxy site's IP and your actual IP.

I hope you got it.

for vpn, you will need a vpn server running in the USA - either your own, or someone you know that will allow you to use it.  Windows server provides vpn dial-in: see 'routing and remote access'.

for proxy, again you need a proxy server on your own server based in USA, or use a public proxy server that the operator will allow you to use it.

Here is a list to get started:

NOTE:  I do not support or encourage the use of any proxy servers listed on that web site, nor do I endorse any of the information provided there - I offer that url as an example of available services ONLY.

Is it possible to rent a server from a provider that is a VPN server to be able to do this? If so, what would be the best place to do so?
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