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server shutting itself off

i have a  iis web server that keeps shuting itself off everry couple of hours
sometimes more frquently the others
i thought it was a hardware issue with  the server hardware so i took out the hard drives and
placed it in a server that i know works
all was welll for the day but that night the server shut down by itself again
that pretty much takes the server out of the mix
can it me my hard drive thats causing this
can it be the power cord 2003 webserver...1 hard drive 36 gb....
also the server is plugeed in to a ups device /but i have 3 other servers plugged in to same ups and no problem on them
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are you talking about service shutting down or entire server goes off?
In both cases I'd start checking event logs.
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the entire server shuts down (as  if someone pulled the plug)
theres no even log of anything besides the one you get after restarting the server back up
(the server shutdown at date was unexpected)
I see - in this case I'd be looking for problems in power supply unit. It might happen that when there is a need for higher power in the server, the PSU can overheat and if it has some old dirty fans, they might not be good enough to cool it down, so the server shut itself down to prevent total burn.
Have you tested your UPS lately?
It can certainly be the power cord.

It could be the hard disk as well since if it falls asleep nothing can be written to the event log, however servers don't normally shutdown if the disk dies, unless there is some re-starter program running in background or hardware timer they normally just hang.
A couple things to be done:
- Check your server temperature. If you hear the fan spins very fast, your server may get heating problem. Expose your server to cool air to get more air flow.
- Download and run a couple monitor tools such as: temperature, cpu, fan ....
- The last one is checking the attachment and uncheck the auto restart as the picture so next time, instead of having your server reboot itself, you will receive some errors.


Could also be a faulty raid card, maybe some kind of intermittent problem, I have seen this before.  Check your logs to see if anything points to any kind of array issues.
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i found solution it was the network antivirus that was shutting the server down
for some reason when it tried to upload the new definitions it shut the server down
thanks all
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