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A mysterious process is running rampant on my windows 2000 server effecting port 21

I rebooted my windows 2000 server last night due to some excessive network traffic and upon restarting my ftp software is claiming the port (21) to be in use.  I opened a terminal connection to port 21and a message appeared telling me "Welcome to this nice Server".  I need assistance in identifying the source.  I have no clue where to begin.
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I'm not Windows guru, but start from
netstat -p tcp -b
should show You the process name. Search the disk for the name.
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Thanks for the starting point.

The -b wouldn't work but I could see that the TCP stats are through the roof.  1190133 active connections.  Every port imaginable seems to be doing something.  Couldn't tell what processes were responsible though.  Any other ideas?
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Thank you for the suggestion.  I was able to download the suggested tool and identify the processes that were causing the problems.
glad it worked! :)