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raid 5 config over 4 500gb disks, one failed, but unable to rebuild any ideas?

i have a raid 5 config over 4 500gb disks on a rocketraid controller 2300 model.  the os on a seperate raptor drive. this computer is a friends that i am trying to fix ( i have it with me now), but instead of a disk failure, what happened was someone opened the case to replace the power supply and broke the sata cable off one of the 4 disks in the aaray, this in turn made the disk drive useless as you can no longer add a cable to that drive. I have now put a new drive in the machine (the exact same spec model ect) but when i go into the rocket raid utility it only sees the new disk, all the others disks show as missing. i can physically see the old aaray  under aaray managment in the software when in windows not in the rocketraid bios, but it tells me its disabled, along with the option to rebuild, add disk etc those options are greyed out, so im stuck as what to do to build the aaray back to norm! is this possible (surely must be)and if so can someone point me in the right direction as what to do next? many thanks
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Have you tried formating the new disk? Has it got the same partition table size as the old ones??

Most importantly, did you enable/import this disk into the OS?? Usually, windows sees it as a foreign disk and you need to import it first AND then convert it into a  dynamic disk

Hope this helps,

Please let me know if you need any further help

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ok now im really lost, i was just under the impression that if you add the new disk back in, the aaray would detect there was a problem and give you the chance to rebuild

windows on its own doesnt see the disk i dont think because its attached to the controller, so the controller sees it as a "spare disk" and the original aaray shows as disabled while the new disk shows as a stand alone within the rocketraid utility, do you know the rocket raid controllers ?
sorry if i seem dumb, im a noob when it comes to this type of stuff

i attach screen shots from within the software in windows, hopefully this will help
tells me disabled here
screen shot for disabled here
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Ignore richammond's comment about importing dynamic disks they obviously missed that you said you had a rocketraid in your question.

First thing to do is remove the new disk and see if you can then re-enable the array. Although you say the replacement drive is new it might have some test data on it that is confusing the controller. If it does come back running on three disks run a backup ASAP.
still doesnt reconsise with the 3 disks, although in general i  assume it should reconise or am i wrong?

it just says disabled within the aaray managment console withn the os and the bios

but again it does physically show the 1.5tb aaray

any1 else got any ideas?
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thanks i will plug the drives in somewhere else and use the raid reconstructor, its the only option, then im gona buy a decent raid controller instead of the rocket raid rubbish that dont work when u get a failure