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IP addresses

My son set up my wireless router and left me with the following instructions:

"You need to find a way to print out a table of the IP addresses that your computer assigns via DHCP to all the other computers and devices on the network. You have to know the IP address of the router if you ever want to make any changes to it."
How do I resolve this?
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Bit difficult without some more info as to your network architecture.  Assuming this is a simple, home network, it is easy enough to just read the IP address from each PC in turn.  To this, tybe IPCONFIG at a command prompt, your IP address will be shown.  If you type HOSTNAME, you will get the network name of the computer.  Maybe just write down the ip address, hostname & a note so that you can identify the machine, is DELL004, Dads laptop.  

Of course if you have 200 machines, ignore this, & post back more details of your network setup.
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i have a Brother HL-2170W wirelss printer.
i have a Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router that's connected to my pc nic.
i typed ipconfig and I got an ip for the nic and one from PPP bellsouth.
i can not get the ip for the router? my son says my system use dhcp and the ip for the router gets it ip from my system.
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When you run IPCONFIG from a Command Prompt (Start | Run | CMD) you will see your DEFAULT GATEWAY

That is the IP address of your router

Type that in your web browser and you should be prompted for a username and password (hopefully your son gave you that info)

when i did that internet explore say it can not display the page.  i've check the ip several times and i get the same result.
Here's more from my son:

"Your computer is the top level DHCP server assigning the address on your network, even though it is plugged into the router. I imagine you got back for your DHCP server IP since your computer is the top level. You need to get a listing of all the DHCP addresses beneath your computer, which would be the router, printer and any other computer you connect to the network."
here try this, download this program;

now if your ip address is 192.168.1.Whatever in the program you will want it to scan from -

This should show you everything that your system can ping

As for you router, let's say your default gateway ip address is
try both of these in your web browser;

If that doesn't work, then I would worry about your router. When you type in IPCONFIG what is your DHCP Server IP Address? is it the same as your default gateway
oh ok, sorry hit send before I got the other..

run the netscan.exe program from the link I gave you, you can then try all the ip addresses you see in the list to find the ip of the router

so try all of the ips in your web browser until you find the one opens the router.
It sound like your computer is actually holding up the internet connection (since you see the PPP details with the bellsouth IP) Are you sure you have the linksys plugged into your computer and not the bellsouth modem?

Either way you will most  likey need to connect the DSL modem to the Linksys "internet port" and then
You will need to configure your Wireless-N Broadband Router to bring the connection up and do the routing so you can share the connection.
As janicegannon advised your routers will be the gateway listed when you run ipconfig /all

FYI the default password for linksys is username: admin password: admin

also if you go to
You should be able to get the user guide for your device from a link on the right hand side. (its a pdf and it may take a little to load)
i downloaded the program earlier but that did not answer my question.
i entered in the ip range as suffested and the system returned nothing
i typed in the http and https as suggested and that returned nothing
ipconfig returned:
Ethernet adapter local area configuration:
connection-specific dns suffix:
ip address....
subnet mask...
default gateway....
PPP adapter Bellsouth:
connecton-specific dns suffix:
ip address...
subnet mask....
default gateway....

that's all i get

if the program does not find a router IP on the subnet, then you are not plugged into the router as fh freeze suggested. Why would your system be the DHCP server? I would ask your son that.

The subnet mask of is bad, I have never seen that so it looks like your settings are messes up.

Can you tell me how your network is setup (hardware wise) like, DSL to Router toComptuers etc...
i do not have a dsl connection but slow serial dial-up (can not get broadband except by satelite). the router is plugged into my nic. my modem is plugged into my serial connection and phone line. the subnet is from bellsouth

here's all the data from ipconfig:
Windows IP Configuration:
Host Name.....fhfreese
Primary Dns Suffix...
Node Type...Mixed
WINS Proxy Enabled...No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS suffix:
Description: Intel<R>...
Physical Address: 00-C0-9F-12-31-16
Dhcp Enabled: No
IP Address...
Subnet Mask...

PPP adapter Bellsouth:
Description...WAN <PPP/SLIP> Interface
Physical Address..00-53-45-00-00-00
Dhcp Enabled...No
IP Address...
Subnet Mask...
Default Gateway...
DNS Servers...

My address on my ethernet appears is interesting and look to be what you would expect to see on my Linksys router. Could this be why i can not see the router?
folks, that's all i know.
Well, what is weird to me is why do you have the PPP adapter info on your PC if the serial adapter is on the router? If it were like you say, your system should only have your IP Address of | and a default gateway, most likely something in the 192.168.0.x range, like

Have you double checked your wires to make sure your system is not directly plugged into SLIP interface?

the modem is connected to my serial port on my system and not to my router. that should explain the PPP adapter at all, if that helps.  i did check my connections and everything is where it belongs. what is also interesting is that we can connect to the internet with our laptops wirelessly even though i have dial-up, not going through the router at all. what if i changed the ip on the nic to some thing like
That is the right idea. By default on Linksys routers the ip address would be .1

Once that is done and your system is restarted, then try to ping and see if you get a reply.

i'll try that and get back with you.
the ping did not repsond with (timed out). if i understand the ip address for the router is something else. would that be true? if so, do you know of any software that would find that ip address or do i need to reset the router and start over?
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my boys use MAC computers and have decided to return to college from an early spring break. i did try to reinstall but got an error 301: internal. noe i'll see what linksys says.
thanks a lot
thanks...i do appreciate it
Well, keep me posted, I hope you get it.
You got an IP from the PPP adapter which means that your PC is connected also via the connection manager from bellsouth. Since you already had a router and assuming that is configured now via the PPPoE yopu don't need the connection manager anymore and you only need that one when you are connected to the modem (which is on bridge mode settings). You need to disable the connection manager, disable any firewall and pop-up blocker and you should be able to ping the gateway now and be able to log on to the console (default password is admin in lower case and NO username). You need to go to the status and DHCP client table in order for you to view the DHCP addresses being assigned by router to your network.