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Webpage looks different in IE and Firefox?

Hi in firefox my website looks fine, but when opened in IE it changes? Can you help so it is the same in both?

See the page above. Thanks
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It is your fonts. I think for IE to look the same you need to use exact font sizes like 12 or 14 and not small, or medium.

I had the same problem before. Check your CSS and use exact font sizes
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There is a slight difference between the two, but I wouldn't start using exact font sizes since it removes the user's ability to increase / decrease the size of font on the page. Since it is a legal requirement that websites are accessible by all, their inability to magnify the text, for example, could make your site illegal and possibly a breach of the disability discrimination act.

To be quite honest though, I can't see it is a major problem having the page look ever so slightly different between browsers. It is hardly noticable and your visitors won't notice - they will mostly use Firefox or IE and won't start switching between the two. Also, how often do you see your regular visitor comparing the site in different browsers? I doubt they ever do.

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Hi thanks for both your comments what puzzles me is that my index page is fine in IE and i have no problems but when i click on "sport" it changes, and the menu goes smaller? I dont know why since im sure most of the code is the same? Any ideas? Thanks James
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