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Can you help me to compile this C++ code to read JPG header file?

I need to writte a program. This program should be able to read the file's header (bits) and then show information about the image. LIke
- width
- height
- bitmap
- etc

I have found a code in the Internet, but I can't compile it. I have tried Visual Studio 2005 C++. The compiler marks an error in this line:
fread( JpegInfoHeader, sizeof(JPEGINFOHEADER), 1, filePtr ) ;
I have some experience using C++, but using files and images it is my first time.
 Sincerely I dont know how to solve this. If you know, please let me know.  I'll apreciate it a lot.
Thank you.

PS: Also I attach another source code, it is another possible solution, but honestly I dont understand the code.
//Based on the info here:
//Firstly, define a struct to store the JPEG header info in:
    unsigned short id ;
    unsigned short width ;
    unsigned short height ;
    unsigned char number_of_component ;
    // etc etc
} ;
  * Return value:
  *    0   -   Successful
  *   -1   -   Could not find/open the specified file
  *   -2   -   Specified file is not a valid bitmap file
int LoadJpegHeader( char *filename, JPEGINFOHEADER *jpegInfoHeader )
    FILE *filePtr ;
    filePtr = fopen( filename, "rb" ) ;
    if ( filePtr == NULL )
        return -1 ;
    fread( JpegInfoHeader, sizeof(JPEGINFOHEADER), 1, filePtr ) ;
    fclose( filePtr ) ;
    return 0 ;
int main()
LoadJpegHeader( "image.jpg", jpg );

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Line 35
 fread( jpegInfoHeader, sizeof(JPEGINFOHEADER), 1, filePtr ) ;
note lower case jpegInfoHeader

Line 46
LoadJpegHeader( "image.jpg", &jpg );
Note ampersand preceeding jpb
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Why has this been posted in the Java TA?

what you should pass to fread is an address, so you should use :

fread(&jpegInfoHeader, sizeof(JPEGINFOHEADER), 1, filePtr ) ;

There is other problem with reading struct as a single block from file.

Depending on your CPU/Compiler/OS, struct could be padded with zero so that internal data are aligned to some boundary (for example, 4 byte boundaries).

So it is more portable to read each items separately or use some kind of #pragma packing (or other non-portable compiler directives)

But at the moment, your problem is just that you are not passing the adress of jpegInfoHeader.

Best regards
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Hi. Thank you very much for your answer. You are an expert! Thank you again. Eduardo