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VB6 SP6 + rapi.dll, IE7

Have VB6 SP6 on Vista and XP comps.  Using RAPI in my app to copy txt file to mobile device.  Works fine on XP.  Works fine on Vista from VB6 programming environment but not when running compiled exe (never connects though Mobile Device Center has made connection).  Using Mobile Device Center Ver 6.1.6965 on Vista, ActiveSync 4.1.0 (Build 4841) on XP.  It doesn't matter which machine I use to compile.
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That is the problem with third party utils.  If they don't work, you can't fix them.
Have you tried anything other than ActiveSync.
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The ActiveSync is working fine on XP and is not available for Vista.  MDC is working fine on Vista as long as RAPI connects from within VB6 programming environment, but not when executed from within the compiled .exe.  I have found no other options for Vista.
Have you adjusted the advanced settings for how Vista treats the EXE to see if that makes a difference.
You can try having it treat it like XP, or Win98 etc...
I tried the advanced settings, making it use XP SP2 compatablility for both the shortcut and the exe.  Nothing helped.  It runs fine on all of my XP SP2 machines.  
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