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Citrix Revoke Users Programtically

I have an application Running on Access Essentials and despite EXTREME customer complaints about pricing,  it has proven to be a tremendous sucess, 10 concurrent users, fast and stable, .

Except for one thing. The application  is used in a shift envivonment Day shift and Night shift. This requires that at the beginning of every shift, all the previous shifts users must be 'Revoked' to enable the next shift to login.

The ability to Revoke Users Programtically would be very usefull. Would prefer a Delphi or Vis.Basic solution but any language works for us. DON'T suggest buying more licenses, refer to Para. 1  <BG>
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Added zones Delphi - Vis Basic
I am not sure what would happen if you set logon policies for the AD accounts such that day shifters can only be on during certain hours but that is the first thing I would investigate.  The other thing you can try (if logon restrictions don't affect running sessions) is to programatically log off all users at a specific time.  I can get code for this from our programmer if you need (we do something similar before running server updates).  
Thank you for the interesting response.

I'd be delighted to look at the code from youre programmers.

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Thank you for the code. I'm very pleased with it.
Although it's not an answer to the question I asked, It's helped my overall understanding of WTS a lot.
I can now see more clearly what I REALLY need..