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Can not see SATA drive in windows XP

I just installed a fresh copy of windows XP on a 40gb IDE drive

I attached my 200GB SATA drive, didnt see it in windows

checked system manger and saw that the RAID controller did not have drivers

put in my ASUS cd and tried 2 stall them but I get the error below

There was a problem installation this hardware:

RAID Controller

An error occurred during the installation of the device

Access is denied
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I've seen a similar problem with a sound card.  It was to do with permissions in the registry.

Now if only I could recall where in the registry to look.  I'm pretty sure I had to use regedt32 instead of regedit, because you can't adjust permissions in regedit?

Try going through the list in "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class" and look for anything relating to the RAID controller or SCSI, then check the permissions on the key and make sure administrators and System get full control.
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I finally got it to load a driver for the drive, but now windows wont boot with it hooked up...

OK when the drive is attached the system boots REALLY slow, the PC does see both drives now

double clicked the E drive in My Computer and waited FOREVER then finally got

E:\ is not accessible

The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.
You might have to double check you boot order in the BIOS.  The SATA drive is probably listed before the PATA drive
Oh, posted too soon.

I'd try either getting newer drivers or forcing those drivers to install again.
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did you enable the sata  / raid controller in the bios?  check in the manual also how to configure it, or post the mobo model
If you are running one sata drive, you need to enter bios and configure it to ide instead of raid, disable raid controller.
would it have anything with the SATA drive ( a Seagate DiamondMax Plus 9) trying 2 be a master drive?

When I put a jumper in it to tell it 2be a slave it doesnt come on (dont feel it spinning) (just took a jumper off my CD-rom guessing all are the same...)

installed the VIA RAID Tool that come with mobo

after a VERY slow boot  (boot from IDE norm fast, but boot from IDE with SATA attached VERY slow)

I get error

Disk failed !!!
Disk location <controller 0, channel 0, Master>

All I want to do is see it so I can back up files before I format it....
You can noit configure a sata Drivr and ide drive as a raid configuration, further both drives must be identical.  Also you can not slave a sata drive to a ide drive.
You need to:
a. uninstall the via raid tool,
b. install the ide drive as master on a ide bus
c. install the sata cdrive as master ona sata bus.

In bios set the sata to be ide configure not raid.

Set the bios to boot from your ide drivef first
There is no master/slave for SATA drives, remove the jumper, it's probably for size limiting.

Go into your BIOS and see if you can set the SATA mode, change it from RAID to IDE

What was this SATA drive connected to before? it wasn't in a RAID array was it?
the jumper is not for size limit, it is for speed limit to 1.5 or 3.0 Gb
i would suggest - don't take it hard -  to let a knowledgeable person do it, or explain it.
if you are mixing up sata, ide and raid + jumpers - god knows what will happen !
You might try to cave the drive into usb closure and get data off that drive from there (if you just want data).
You may also need to change the SATA operation from AHCI to Legacy (or whatever option is not AHCI or RAID)

I booted my computer in "puppy linux" and am now backing up data to a USB HD and then will format drive

then if it passes all the drive test (make sure the drive isnt going bad) Il just reinstall xp and go from there....
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