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Can we make IE7 open quicker and run faster?

Daughers' 160GB HD recently formatted w/clean installs, yet IE7 takes forever to boot up proprly.  Just deleted cookies and all internet history, and she had a lot of that.  Expected that to fix problem, but still seems to be the same.

Using Trend Micro Internet Security 2008, if that means anything.  Just upgraded her system, I'm not sure why it is so slow to access the internet, hoping you can help...
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If there was a lot of cookies and internet history, have you ran a spyware/adware scan on the machine to check for that?  
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Hello CanadianJeff,

1. An addon may be interfering with IE. Disable Addons.  Go to Tools > Add-on Manager, and uncheck the addons.

If you cannot open IE, start IE without addons.  Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No add-ons).

2. Reset IE settings.  Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.  Click on "Reset" button. Click OK. Close all browsers. Reboot the computer.

3. Check if a program running in the background is interfering with Internet Explorer. Trend Micro may be interfering. Temporarily disable antivirus, firewall, antispyware, ad-blocker, popup blocker, and all Norton programs.

4. Uninstall and reinstall IE7. Make sure you have the latest updates.

5. Create a new user account in Windows.

Hope this helps!
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Thanks Wcombee and war1.

I'm sure I ran the spyware, and removed that.  There were a ton of cookies, etc., that I removed.  I haven't had a chance to see the results since that, so I can't report success yet, but hopefully tomorrow, and hopefully more positive results.  

war1, I'm curious why I would create a new user account n Windows.  What advantages would that have.  Disadvantages would be having to set everything up again, wouldn't it?  Also, I would get most of the updates AFTER reinstalling IE7, wouldn't I?

Thanks again!!
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Just curious, have you tried using the Firefox web browser?  It's stable and secure, might be worth trying...