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Need password recovery and/or reset for HP xw8000.

I took my HP xw8000 off of its network domain and reassigned the networking to "WORKGROUP".  On reboot I couldn't log on with my old username and password and I don't know the Administrator password for local use (I have tried various candidates including leaving it blank).

I am aware of the Linux rescue technique but my first attempt using EBCD (Emergency Boot CD) failed because the program didn't support the correct scsi driver.

I found the Knoppix website but would like to  see if there are any other options (Linux bootable disk or otherwise) that work for similar HP workstations that either provide the correct scsi driver or that work without needing it.
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I found the solution.  It is called OPHCRACK.-LIVECD  at I downloaded the iso file to another computer and burned an iso image to a cd using Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder  This created the bootable disk I needed.  As you probably know this approach uses a version of Linux that can read the password information stored on the Windows hard disk.

The boot cd went into the locked computer.  I changed the boot preferences to boot from the CD first.  Ophcrack went to work in auto mode and in less than 3 minutes I had my administrator local password as well as the passwords of other local (non admin) passwords.

All of you experts out there should be listing this technique since it worked for me without needing any scsi driver information.  Of course, I have only tried this on one HP xw8000 that I own using WIndows XP sp2.  However I am impressed at how well it worked then UBCD and BartPE did not.

You are welocome to the points.