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Etherchannel change on 6509

Currently I have 8 strands of fiber running between our main facility and a remote building.  The remote building has 2 Cisco 3508Gs, each with an etherchannel connection using ports g01 and g0/2 back to a 6509 in our main building (2 switches - each with 2 - gig fiber connections going back to a 6509 = 8 strands of fiber).  I just got a Cisco 3750 12 port fiber switch.  I want to use all 8 strands to have a 4 GB etherchaneel connection to this device, and eliminate the two 3508Gs.  So what I need to do is eliminate one of the etherchannel groups on the 6509 that was going to one of the 3508s, and add those two ports to the other etherchannel group, thereby having a 4 port etherchannel group.

I have two questions.  First, can I bring the 3750 up on the original etherchannel group, then add the other two ports to it, or do they all need to be done at once.  Second, is this the best way to do it, or would it be better to delete both of the original etherchannel groups on the 6509, and create a new 4 port etherchannel group?
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