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Unable to Access CRM Client using VPN connection

We are using CRM 3.0 with Exchange for SBS 2003, which works in the office.
When running the client through a VPN client (SonicWall), CRM failes to load "unable to find server"
CRM is set to use http://servername:5555; when using VPN, CRM is attempting to use localhost:2525 to connect. I can change the CRM folder\property\home page value to use Https://servername:5555, and it works.
When log off, and connect again, it defaults back to localhost:2525.
How can I make the changes of the CRM home page save?
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After further testing, I find that localhost:2525 is the proper default setting. When running CRM on site, it uses localhost:2525, and apparantly sychronizes with the CRM SQL database.
Microsoft arcticles imply that DNS may be the issue when using CRM over VPN.
So far, I see no DNS problem. Outlook connects to Exchange, which is on the same server as CRM.
All other network resources are available useing both server names, and ip address.