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Configuring Exchange Server 2003

I want to set up a small office of 2 users. 1 secretary and one Executive. The secretary wants to have the info that she creates like calendar/contacts (in the office) and email of course be used by the executive in the field in essence wherever he travels or at his 2 homes. The office is using outlook 2007 as well as all the computers. The Exec wants to just download the outlook data to computers at 2 homes and to the Blackberry for mobility. I know that email is easy I wouldn't need Exchange for that. The thing Exchange is needed for is calendar/contacts in outlook to the best of my knowledge. I dont know how to set this up and need to know how. The email address are going to be something like  . I want to just take a step at a time and get the exchange server set up first to work with outlook. I can go to the folks at the Blackberry site and get help from them on the rest after Exchange is set up to work with Outlook 2007.
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For some reason I am not able to create mailboxes.....I installed exchange 2003 with the system manager but when I open Active Directory I dont see any exchange tabs or any information on creating a exchange box?
LDAP Bind was unsuccessful on directory for distinguished name ''. Directory returned error:[0x51] Server Down.    

I am also getting these events in the Application viewer
Have you run setup.exe /forestprep and setup.exe/domainprep from the exchange CD before you install exchange?
Is your exchange server installed on a domain controller or on a member server? If it installed on a member server, you will not see exchange related attributes in AD users and computers on your DC, you must create the mailboxes on your exchange server.
no I have not run /forestprep and setup.exe/domainprep I will do that. I just have 1 domain controller only.
Have you run setup.exe /forestprep and setup.exe/domainprep from the exchange CD before you install exchange?

I think setup did that when I first installed.  when I go to run those commands I am just presented with reinstall screens.
I ran again setup.exe /forestprep and setup.exe/domainprep from the exchange CD as you said to.

Is the exchange CD that you use come with SP2, or you installed SP2 separately?
Is you exchange server installed on your domain controler?
I dont know what service pack it is....
Exchange server is installed on my only one server it is a domain controller..
2 things after much googling....
MS Exchange Info Store wont start
Port 110 not Listening
Also I used SMTPDiag if you would like a screenshot of that.
Install exchange sp2 on your exchange server. POrt 110 is not listening because pop3 is disabled. Put the screenshot.
screenshot port 110 wont start
loading service pack 2 didnt fix it....yet
So information store will not start?
Correct i am just going to wipe clean the drive and reload.....I will let you know how it works out.
If you will reinstall all over, make sure that you install all windows server service packs and updates before you install exchange and once you install exchange install service pack 2.
The reinstall worked! now I can follow your directions......
Good to know. Let me know if you need help.
I have the mailboxes set up along with my web site everything fresh clean and new....also working great thanks to your help, all the service packs are in. I have a question...
1. How do you set up and email client to work with exchange to download automatically the .pst for outlook remember the secretary is working on the calendar/contacts. I want to remotelly see if it works on a different internet (verison) and download a test email.
by the way I have a working web site domain name and used to be able to send and recieve email through TZO now that exchange is online I am not sure It does not quite work
here are the server name and settings
computer name:
so far this is not working on the other computer....?
when trying to download email I get this error....
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation failed. An object could not be found.'
Just a little final report on the exchange server itself I can send and recieve email just fine....but when I go to any other machine it says something like connection to exchange server is unavailable...but I can ping   just fine. also the error   above  0x8004010F bla bla was on the exchange server itself but strangely it sends and recieves email anyway. For now it is late and I am stumped but I have most of the configuration in place. only a little fine tuning to go and you will get your 500 points.
I tried to send email out from the exchange server to another pc it worked. When I tried to email a reply from that pc the exchange server never got the message?