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What software to use to connect VPN between Linksys RV042 and another machine directly on the net

I currently have 2 subnets connected together by 2 linksys RV042 routers using their built in VPN and it works just fine.

I now want to add a 3rd subnet on a machine which is directly on the net (no router) at a server farm facility. It's currently running Win2003 Server with VMWare Server on top while we develop the apps but when done it will likely be some flavour of Linux with VMWare Server on top.

My question is what software can/should I use to establish the VPN from this new machine and its subnet to either (or both) of the RV042 routers?

BTW I am open either a Linux or Windows solution and ESPECIALLY if I could run that as a VM!
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The RV042 does support agressive mode and although I know precious little about Linux it's looks like the only option since no one else has replied. Thanks