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Creating a sytem drive image

I'm trying to create a system drive image for my Vista Ultimate PC's C: drive using Ghost 14.  The image creation (backup) appears only when launching the app while in Windows.  It completes successfully but I wonder how can it actually backup everything while Vista is running?  BTW, I'm saving the image to an external HDD.
The restore of the image is done via the boot CD but before I proceed with it, I just want to confirm other people's experiences.
(Background of it is I need to swap out HDDs so I want to image my PC -- apps,data,etc to avoid the re-install process...also this build is < 2 months old).
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Actually, Ghost 14 doesn't give you the option to backup via boot CD.
Acronis's Boot CD doesn't seem to recognize my RAID driver, hence my selection of Ghost.
KCTS is correct in that Volume Shadow Copy is used by both Acronis and Ghost.  I'm using Ghost 12 with Vista.  I've booted from the Ghost emergency boot cd, and done a test restore onto a new/blank/unformatted hard drive.  Worked fine.

With Ghost 14 you can create a custom emergency boot cd and add to any any drivers (such as RAID) which aren't on the default Ghost 14 cd.  I haven't had a need to test that myself because I don't need it presently, but it is supposed to work.

Volume Shadow Copy allows an application to "freeze" or at least "capture" the sector that changed while the image backup is occuring.  It sounds spooky but in reality, it is what has been used with both Windows XP and Vista to "hot" image backups.
Other option is to use System Restore option built-in Vista Ultimate. I have used it couple of times and very reliable tool (in my opinion because I have never had a fail so far when doing restoring). You can either creating image on DVD or Hard drive.
FYI, I ran a full backup from Vista using Ghost in about 2-3 hours.  I tried running it off of Acronis' Boot CD and it initially estimated 1 day's time to complete but soon after adjusted to around 20 hours ETC...I aborted it after waiting another 1-2 hours.
Hopefully, the Ghost restore off of boot CD will go as fast as the backup.  I'll try to do the restore in the next few days and post afterwards.
I tried to do a test restore of another smaller HDD.  The backup worked fine. I booted off the CD and couldn't see my external eSata drive until I connected it via USB cable.  Then, I selected the image to restore and shortly afterwards, got the following error:

"The instruction at 0x00yyyyy referenced memory at 0x00zzzzz.  The memory could notbe read.  Click on OK to terminate the program."

Clicking OK brings me back to the main menu.  I didn't show the exact memory register in the error but they were different ones.  Good thing I tested before proceeding. Not sure what's wrong...