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DNS and subdomain


I've signed up a customer on google sites to permit all users that are in the domain to access the intranet site called . All DNS' are hosted on and i have full admin access.
I want to enable users to see the private company intranet web page when they type in their web browsers .
This is what I see when logged on to Advance dns settings for the company:

Host        Points To        TTL        Actions
      @       1 Hour
      @       1 Hour
      @       1 Hour
CNAMES (Aliases)             
      Host       Points To       TTL       Actions
      www       1 Hour
      sites       1 Hour
      intranet       1 Hour
      calendar       1 Hour
      mail       1 Hour
      start       1 Hour
      docs       1 Hour

Question: What should I do to make the page load when users type

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It looks like you have intranet setup as a host record, not as a subdomain. Does the page come up if you take off the www. and go to
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Thank you very much. Question answered.