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tls encryption with ironmail

i have a contract to visit many different companies to enable tls encryption to and from teh ironmail apliance they have,. Where is there the best place to read up on this, and any dvice thanks
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thanks man so I nstall the cert on ironmail then it will create a install for all the mail systems?
What exactly are you trying to do?

Access the Ironmail securely or sending email securely or what?
sending email securley internal to internal external to internal internal to external
You will need to set up the "TLS Required Domains" in the SMTPI and MAIL-VPN settings as well.

These settings will affect the ironmail appliances alone - you might need to do something else from the other ends if they have not been configured.
for internal mail does this go through ironmail as wel
It all depends how everything is configured.

Usually Ironamil is at the gateway level meaning Internal mails don't come through it; but this doesn't mean you can not setup your internal emails to route internal traffic through ironmail - that can be done as well. Someone needs to inform you how email is routed in that organization so you can judge.