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Where are my list bullets in Internet Explorer?

I can't believe this. I must be going  mad. I have an unordered. Displays fine in Firefox. In IE7, however, there are no bullets! Why?

List code is below in the snippet box.

The relevant styles in my style sheet are:

div#features ul { width: 350px; list-style: circle; }
div#features li {font-size: 1.4em; line-height: 1.4em; letter-spacing: .01em; }
<div id="features">
	<li>The "eo" stands for "Evening Out", or for "ExtraOrdinary"!</li>
	<li>Handmade in New England from wool/mohair blend yarns made in the USA</li>
	<li>Individually felted and adorned</li>
	<li>"Heathered" yarns have a "furrier" texture</li>
	<li>Adorned with natural elements like glass beads, wood, shells &amp; gemstones</li>
	<li>Velcro closure keeps belongings safe</li>
	<li>Convenient strap for hands-free use tucks discreetly inside when not needed or can be permanently removed</li>
	<li>Lots of colors and adornment styles available; check out our store</li>
	<li>Approximately 9" wide by 6" high</li>
	<li>100% Satisfaction Guaranteed</li>

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