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Datetime issue as of Today - Early this morning

I'm seeking advice on a recent bug which I believe is due to daylight savings time.

This morning I noticed that the date/time elements on my project were incorrect. Items on the site will say 2 hours ago or 1 min ago etc. how they are saying -1hr ago or -3600s ago, which is exactly an hour in the future.

My understand is that Coldfusion and MS SQL Server 2005 all use the server's time when using the GETDATE() type functions. Does anyone have any idea why there would be a discrepancy?

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Did you confirm that the date on the server and the client computer(s) changed?
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They did change I checked. I believe the issue is that Coldfusion uses java which does not know the computer is in CDT.
Hmmm....that is interesting.  How are you going to solve it?
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I need to update Java apparently this become a problem as of last year.