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Need to know which languages work well with an Apache web server for web store

I do not have any experience with an Apache web server, and a friend has asked me to recommend a web store software that will work on Apache for their business.

I have seen a lot of software using PHP, ASP, and ASP.NET as languages.
They are using Access, MySQL, SQL, and PHP5 ? as databases.

Can you please tell me whether Apache supports these languages and dtabases ?

Thanks, Pete
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Daniel Wilson
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Thanks for the points & grade.

I should have added a recommendation for MYSQL as your DB.  PHP can work against MS SQL Server, but most of your examples will be for MySQL.  Also MySQL is portable across Windows & LInux, whereas SQL Server is Windows-only.

I've seen websites /stores run off of Access and I don't recommend it.  As the site grows it outgrows the DB.  Better do build on a scalable DBMS from the start.
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Thanks Daniel. I appreciate the additional response. Yes, I agree MySQL is the way to go.