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Selecting max value for each unique entry

Hi folks,
  I have a log table in which each time a client signs in, it records the date /time by the client id.
So, basically a client can have many records. I am trying to construct a query that will allow me
list the client just once and the most recent login date/time from this table.
 I also need to pull from the ClientMaster table, thier name and address. How can I do construct this query?
I have tried combinations of select distinct but then trip on getting the max(login date/time) and trying to
pull their name and so forth from the ClientMaster.
Any help would be appreciated.
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select cm.Name, cm.Address, cm.ClientID, MAX(cl.LoginDate) as lastlogin
clientmaster cm join clientlogins cl on cm.clientid = cl.clientid
group by, cm.address, cm.clientid
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He had the same code that I posted before...
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Not exactly, are you upset that I did not award points to you also?
If so, I will check with the monitor about also awarding you points.
It is the same query, only his had an order by.....