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Server 2003 - OS not loading after rebuilding raid

2003 Server, RAID 5 on LSI SATA controller - one of the disks went bad and we replaced it and ran a rebuild of the array in the controller's BIOS interface - (trying to hot swap the disk with the OS up hung the system).

The rebuild went successfully and all disks optimal.  However when we get to the point where the OS should load we get black screen with blinking cursor - no further response.

Steps taken so far:
- went into Recovery Console and tried 'dir c:'  - got a 'directory cannot be enumerated' error.  Ran chkdsk with no options and can now see the file system and drill down through subfolders.  However still can't boot - black screen with blinking cursor.
- ran fixmbr and fixboot from Recover Console - no change
-  attempted in place upgrade from Server 2003 disk - Windows setup can see the proper partitions (C & D) and their correct sizes - however it cannot see a Windows installation - there is no 'press R to repair' option.  

This is a critical live system which should be in use by 8AM Monday morning - any help to get OS back up greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance -

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I had this error once and was fixed very strangely:
shutdown the server, remove all power plugs, wait 1 minute, plug power and start.
Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the response  - we opened a support ticket w/ Microsoft and they had us run Chkdsk /R multiple times on the system volume until it came back with no errors.

Unfortunately that's when we discovered we had massive data loss - we had gigs of data in folders marked 'Recovery' - I'm assuming this was where chkdsk places lost data.

Also the brand new replacement drive in the raid then failed - we think the controller or backplane is bad.  Looks like it's time for a new server, in the meantime we've restored from tape to a temporary server.

Thanks again for the help!
Ouch !
Sounds like serious hardware failure. Sorry to hear. Thank you for updating smocohiba, and good luck with the new equipment.
Thanks smocohiba.
Cheers !