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AVG has crashed Exchange Server 2003 on SBS

Dear All,

I was recommended the use of AVG for our SBS installation and upon reviewing the product on their website, decided to register and download a 30 day trial.

The Admin console installed fine as well as remotely installing on a single workstation being my laptop on the network. But the AVG for Exchange 2000/2003 installation hung at the restarting of the MS Exchange Store.

The service is Stopped Pending and after countless reboots, won't start up due to a failure to init VSERVER?

Have sent a tech support Question to Grisoft but I really need to get the emails back online as I'm in Oz. There is no option for uninstalling the AVG software for Exchange as it isn't registered in 'Add/Remove Programs'.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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Did any of the AVG services get successfully registered? Can you see if you can disable them and then start the services. Is it only the information store that hangs?
Can you provide copy of error in event log plz.

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Damn enter key -You will see there is a reg key to change near the bottom of the page you will need to edit
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You're a lifesaver. Changing the Registry Key started up the store.

Thank you very very much. BTW what did you look up on to return a sloution so quickly given I didn;t give you an EventID as a reference?

Kind regards,

hey Paul,
Glad I could help! There are many ways to skin a cat, I just used a google operator: in this case " information store antivirus"

Let me know if you need more help - btw have you installed your Service packs for your exchange server?

I have SP2 installed to date, I'll check if there are any additional updates.

Many thanks,