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Stale DNS records do not automatically delete


I have a DHCP/DNS server.  In the DNS console I have found very old  A records.  I have the "delete this record when it becomes stale" box ticked.  I also have "dynamic DNS updates.." on the DHCP console ticked.  How do I make them automatically delete?
Also can you please tell me why I have records called "(same as parent folder)"?

Thanks for your help

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I think the DNS default is 90 days, but there should be a purge option via command line if I remember correctly.

I hope this helps !
Oh,  and the "same as parent" records correlate an ip address to your domain name.

So if you ping:  domain.local


nslookup domain.local

It will return one of those IP's.
There is no default.   Scavenging must be enabled on the server and then configured on each zone in order to take effect.

Lastly,  as the poster disconvered,  there is a check box on the individual records to allow them to be scavenged as well.
The records called "(same as parent folder)" are normal referring to domain name

To get rid or stale records you need to configure aging under the zone general properties.