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vb6 to

I got the upgrade warning when I convert from vb6 to it is like this:

Structure GUID may require marshalling attributes to be passed as an argument in this Declare statement

my code is as the following:

can someone help plz? The problem came from the API calls.

how should I change the code?

Private Structure GUID
        Dim Data1 As Integer
        Dim Data2 As Short
        Dim Data3 As Short
        <VBFixedArray(7)> Dim Data4() As Byte
        'UPGRADE_TODO: "Initialize" must be called to initialize instances of this structure. Click for more: 'ms-help://MS.VSCC.v80/dv_commoner/local/redirect.htm?keyword="B4BFF9E0-8631-45CF-910E-62AB3970F27B"'
        Public Sub Initialize()
            ReDim Data4(7)
        End Sub
    End Structure
    'UPGRADE_WARNING: Structure GUID may require marshalling attributes to be passed as an argument in this Declare statement. Click for more: 'ms-help://MS.VSCC.v80/dv_commoner/local/redirect.htm?keyword="C429C3A5-5D47-4CD9-8F51-74A1616405DC"'
    Private Declare Function CoCreateGuid Lib "OLE32.DLL" (ByRef pGuid As GUID) As Integer
    Public Function GetGUID() As String
        '(c) 2000 Gus Molina
        'UPGRADE_WARNING: Arrays in structure udtGUID may need to be initialized before they can be used. Click for more: 'ms-help://MS.VSCC.v80/dv_commoner/local/redirect.htm?keyword="814DF224-76BD-4BB4-BFFB-EA359CB9FC48"'
        Dim udtGUID As GUID
        If (CoCreateGuid(udtGUID) = 0) Then
            GetGUID = New String("0", 8 - Len(Hex(udtGUID.Data1))) & Hex(udtGUID.Data1) & New String("0", 4 - Len(Hex(udtGUID.Data2))) & Hex(udtGUID.Data2) & New String("0", 4 - Len(Hex(udtGUID.Data3))) & Hex(udtGUID.Data3) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(0) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(0)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(1) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(1)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(2) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(2)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(3) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(3)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(4) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(4)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(5) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(5)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(6) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(6)) & IIf((udtGUID.Data4(7) < &H10S), "0", "") & Hex(udtGUID.Data4(7))
        End If
    End Function

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I am having problems with it in the run time. the exception is like memory corrupt problem
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the error message is like this:
{"Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt."

and I believe it is caused by the code above