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Problem with streaming videos in IE7

Streaming videos do not run inside IE7 on my Toshiba laptop running Vista Premium.  Videos show that they're loading but never open.  Specifically I'm talking about videos from CNN and YOUtube.  I can download a video and run it in Windows Media Player without a problem.

I'm running Norton Internet Security 2008 on the machine and have tried disabling it with no affect.
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Hello Msradell,

Norton Internet Security can cause block many things, including streaming video.   Uninstall Norton Internet Security with Norton Removal Tools

Then test if you can run steaming video.

Hope this helps!
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I actually tried removing Norton Internet Security after turning it off didn't work, that didn't help either.

You may need to use the Norton Removal Tools to remove NIS.   Once installed Norton security programs are difficult to remove.

Make sure you have a good version of Java.  Reinstall Java Machine from Sun.
That's what I did use to remove Norton Internet Security.
Have you rebooted
Norton products are very hard to remove even harder to remove than removing a virus sometimes lol.
To fully remove Norton AntiVirus,
there is certain steps to do to remove Norton System Works fully even though you may think it's gone.. before removing it, Stop the services. Start-up groups. etc uninstall it from add remove programs then run the cleanup tool
Since you already removed it, you should still try the removal tool as suggested  it also should remove works products by Nortons as well

How to uninstall Norton AntiVirus 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008:
- Vista/XP/2000 -  (note: this removes ALL Norton 2003/2004/2005/2006/2007/2008 products from your computer
Once removed check there is no folders in C programfiles delete any folders
With streaming in IE7 as youtube uses flash check you have the right flash components installed and java enabled, try this go to your cookies and enable all.
Can you stream using firefox?

Youtube plays it's video in a flash player
Videos on YouTube are streamed through an Adobe Flash player. For the best viewing experience, we suggest you install the latest version of Adobe Flash after removing any old versions youve installed
The video won't playwhat's wrong? + Video ..Youtube help

Here is some trouble shoot
How to troubleshoot Internet Explorer 7 issues in Windows Vista: 
Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts wlak thru
It looks like uninstalling flash player and reinstalling it may have solved the problem.  I did that this morning and so far so good.  I'll keep trying it for the rest of the day to be sure but so far it looks good
Correction to my last statement, I was able to run 5-6 videos and then the problem returned.  Norton Internet Security is still removed so that's not the problem.  Does anyone have any other ideas?
Check if your Temp folder is full. Delete the files in your Temp folder.  C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Temp
The folder you mentioned does not exist in Vista.  I do however regularly delete temporary Internet files using the function built into IE.

I forgot that you are using Windows Vista and not XP.  Temporary Internet Files are different from Temp files.  Click on Start, type the following command in the search box, and then hit the Enter key.


Delete the files in that folder.
I deleted all the files in the temp folder (they were only five, all dated today) and and nothing changed.
Since reinstalling Flash worked temporarily, try the following:

Uninstall the old Flash player with Adobe tool.

Then install the latest Flash plugin for your operating system
I used the Adobe uninstall tool and then reinstalled the plug in unfortunately this made things worse.  Now when I try to play video it sits there for a couple minutes and then I get an error message saying Internet explorer has stopped working.  Is there any way too reinstall or repair Internet explorer?
In Vista, IE7 is part of the operating system.  So to reinstall IE7, you will have to reinstall Vista.
I was afraid of that and I really don't want to reinstall everything on my computer unless absolutely necessary.  I thought a few years ago they made Microsoft package Internet explorer separately so you didn't have to install it?  Has anyone tried IE8 Beta?  Is that an option?
Vista is still learn as you go, you do have another option, use firefox instead unitl there is a workaround made so that users of Vista don't have to re-install everytime a problem occurs.
the idea is that security is at the top of the list and imbedded software cannot be modified.
Microsoft is trying to prevent piracy and maliscious software from installing on your system/
To perform extra tricks you have to dis-able the UAC, use only the administrative account run at heighten privilages or as an administrator.. it's not all that different from Xpsp2 xp home and pro.
have you tired running IE7 with administrative privilages?
I do not recomend using Beta versions nothing but trouble.

Apart from the flash I suggested
did you find time to also check my suggestions from youtube, I'll put it back here again.
The video won't playwhat's wrong? + Video ..Youtube help 
Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts wlak thru
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good call had crossed my mind but seemed to have omitted it.
Turning off add on may effect sites that need QT.
Have you got active-x switched on?
Do you see a yellow bar across the top of the page?,295582,sid97_gci1244243,00.html
I've got Active-X setup to prompt me.  I don't see a yellow bar across the top of the screen.  So far I haven't had any site that I use regularly have any problems with QuickTime turned off, but since I've got Active-X setup to prompt me I believe this site will ask me to allow it to use QuickTime.

Right now everything is working correctly so hopefully it will continue.
Everything is still working OK so it looks like what I did work.  Thanks for everyone's help.
Good work.
Did you use these I provided  by any chance
Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working,

and if you have opened the link takes you to here>>

Method 3: Run Internet Explorer 7 in "No Add-Ons" mode
Internet Explorer 7 add-ons, such as ActiveX controls and browser toolbars,
Option 2: Use the Manage Add-ons tool to determine which add-on is causing the issue
Use the Manage Add-ons tool in Internet Explorer 7 to individually disable each add-on to determine which add-on is causing errors

No, I didn't file that link since IE itself was working and the only thing not working was the videos.  Also I know the videos require flash player so was no way a times they couldn't run.
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