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Need Software to replace Itunes to manage IPOD.


I need to edit my IPOD Playlists with a sound editor, such as Roxio's Sound Editor,  to remove unwanted passages and to control sound volume and fade in and out functions.

Is Anapod a good choice and can Anapod perform this function?

Also,  will I lose frequency response by converting to MPS from AAC?

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Ok sorry those won't work. Please disregard.
If I understood your question what you need is an audio mixer program to work with your files.
Most likely what you should do is to use some DJ software to mix and fade in fade out different files.
If you want to use this efects on the IPod what I would do is create a new BIG file that would be the output of a DJ program and would play the way you want
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Thanks for your prompt response.  Sorry my question was not clear.

What I want to do is this:
Export a playlist togeather with the songs in the playlist to my PC from my IPOD.
Edit the songs in a pc based sound editor such as Roxio's Sound editor.
Save the songs back to my PC from the sound editor.
Import the songs and the playlist back into my IPOD.

Anapod's documentation seems to indicate it can do the export import function.  But do you have experience using Anapod or similar software in this manner?
If so,  how does Itunes work with the imported playlist?  Assuming the Ipod is in manual mode.  I have noticed that Itunes will do some sort of a sync function even though the IPOD is in manual mode.  But Itunes does not overwrite the IPOD but it does do something or other.  Do you know what it might be doing?
Just thought I might get some experience before I wast a lot of time and destroy a lot of music.
I want to use my IPOD as my portable music player in my car, boat and when traveling.

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I took some time to try and wade through the new Roxio software packages.  Thier Music Disc Creator 10 modules are able to access the IPOD through the Itunes Scripting Engine.  It can import the AAC files and export selected files to and from the Ipod Playlists.  It loads Itunes and Ipod  without additional engines from a button option on the task bar.  Works ok.  No problems so far.   It is excellent in editing individual songs and saving them back to the Ipod.  

In addtion, the media manager allows you to access the Playlist songs in Itunes.  Not sure if that works ok.  But if it does, this will perserve the sync option in Itunes and still allow editing.
I have to call Roxio.  I don't seem to have the right software module to write AAC (.m4a) encodes.  But I can read them.  They advertise the AAC write function in several modules.  I quess I need an additional module.  It now writes mpeg3 to the Ipod with selectable quality options.  

Anyhow,  if you get a chance, and don't mind spending the money, this is worth checking out.

Looks like I may have found the answer to this quest in software I already owned.  As you know the documentation in Roxio products detailing what does what and how to move between the modules is terrible.  Although the in module help sections are pretty good.  You just have to find the right module yourself.

Thanks again,