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Accessing Control panel Using Runas

In IE version 7.0 how to acess control panel with admin/power user rights from a normal user login using Runas option ?we could access the folders but could not see the option to access control panel
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If you mean running control pannel from internet exproler by typing (control pannel) into the address bar then there is no way to access it with raised privilages. This can be done through a command prompt.
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If you hold down Shift then right-click on a program it shows the Runas option.
do you meant the system control pannel?

Doing that would run IE as administrator or any account chosen but if you then type control pannel into the address bar it would load with the privilages of the current logged in user.
Take a look at this MS article:

You can access the CP items through Start > Run > itemname.cpl (the itemname will be one from the above link)

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Thanks to all
My aim was to Use internet explorer using runas command with admin privilege and use control panel to give admin rights to some user on their login or do some admin stuffs.I feel this way an easier one to do admin stuffs.
Thanks to all options but my real aim was as above and in IE 6.0 it is working like that problem started when we upgrade to IE 7.0 & *.0
Would it help to make a few shortcuts with the RUNAS command pointing to the desired control panel item:
runas   /savecred /user:user@domain  "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL access.cpl"

And just make a new shortcut for each item in the control panel
Put the shortcuts in a shared folder for certain users to be able to access.
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Have to be Considered to be a solution as i believe we cannot do it thrugh IE (More easier without any human typing errors)
Thanks to all .
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Thanks to you...