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How to access the oracle database from another pc?

I have a web application(ASP.Net) on one pc and oracle database on one pc.The 2 pc's are in the network.I want to connect the web application to access the database.I tried it but when i am connecting from the application it is giving error like timed out.How to solve this error.Can anyone suggest me?
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I'm a lot more familiar with MS SQL but, I would check to see if the ports are open on the DB server can you connect with programs other than Visual studio like the oracle odbc driver or sql plus. I know both MS sql and MYSQL have an option to deny tcp connection I would make sure if oracle has this option it isnt blocking the connections.
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No sqlplus is also not working and ports are open on the server.Can anyone suggest me how to do?
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Create a DSN in the server where you host your application. Use that DSN in your application to connect to the db.
Any other way of doing it?
I think you have to install Oracle Client software.
Alo what is the version of Oracle?
is it Oracle 10g?
If yes there is a small connection obstacle I will help you to workaround.
Yes it is indeed 10g.Is it compulsary to install client on the application server?
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Thanks for ur suggestions!