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How to enable excel vba in staroffice 8?

Dear EE members,
I have open an excel file in Star office calc, but the vba not function properly.
How to resolve this issue?

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Jeffrey Coachman
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The Star Office website claims that you need the "Macro Migration Wizard"
Which is included with the Entreprise version of Star Office.

Is this the version you have?

See the site for more info:

If you don't have that Wizard your options are very limited as VB is not truly supported in Star Office.

You can try to add it in with a couple dll from  The site is in French and I have not used it so I can't tell you how specifically to navigate.  

If your macro is not too complicated, you can post here and we can try to convert it to Star Office basic.l
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Dear EE members,
I have navigated to Help|About StarOffice -> StarOffice 8
Is this Entreprise version ?


The macro conversion tool will be available late in 2008.
see here:,1000000121,39149344,00.htm


The Enterprise is a licensed multiple user version that comes with some extra tools.  Are you using this in a corporate environment?  If not, then you most likely don't have the enterprise version.  If you are in a corporate environment, you need to check if your company purchased the enterprise license.


Thanks for the clarification.
I was going by the info on the site.

I have ordered
Product Name: StarOffice 8 Windows, English
Amount: $69.95
But don't know whether it is Enterprise version or not?
It is costly anyway.
The Enterprise Edition comes is for companies and you purchase a license agreement which includes a minimum of 5 users.  Therefore I really doubt you have the enterprise edition.  You options are to post your macro and see if we can convert it or try the link I had above.
The macro is written by third party, where the vba code has been locked by password.
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I think I bought the wrong product. I should buy the For Business Edition, since this software is for small
office where 2 pcs will installed with Star Office 8 Enterprise Edition.

The price make not much different Normal Edition: $69 and Enterprise Edition: $70(35*2pc), Correct?


<The macro is written by third party, where the vba code has been locked by password.>

Then using Star Office will not help.
Like ltlbearand3 states, it must be an unprotected macro.
If you do not have the password in Excel, Star Office won't "Crack" or bypass it. It simply won't be able to run.

Also remember that some of these utilities load thier own Libraries, Functions, Toolbars ...ect.
If these are not available in Star Office, it still might not work anyway.

So contact the Macro vendor, as ltlbearand3 says, *BEFORE* buying anything else.
Ask them if the macro can even be run in Star Office at all!