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Dear sir ,
I am having some doubts in dns please clarify me.
How do you build redudancy in to DNS?
How can you secure AD DNS?
How name resolution happens in DNS ?
What are the ways to configure DNS & Zones?

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Your questions are very blanket.

A way of building redundancy for DNS is to have DNS spanning over multiple servers.

Here is a description on how DNS' resolve:

Configuration of DNS and Zones would depend entirely on what DNS server you are running. BIND is a popular one for Linux. - A manual on BIND, the Linux DNS server.
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as long as your DNS zones are stored in active directory - they can be secured by specifying in the zone properties that updates can only be secure

AD integrated zones will also automatically replicate to all DC's in your domain providing redunancy

resolution is when a machine queries for a name or an IP - the DNS server holds all these records, it simply matches names to IP's and IP's to names - it also provides locator records for DC's (SRV records) cname records (aliases) and delegation information so it knows where to look for other records etc
A little late I know but there is a very good book called...
"Practical TCP/IP" by Niall Mansfield that goes into all aspects of DNS etc.  Perhaps a little dated but a very good start to understand the basics