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compare date time

the   (an.CallBackDate <= @SystemDate+1)  is not working for me -- I suspect it has to do with these two datetime variables are formatted differently.

how do I  get to work please?

CallBackDate  -- format:  {0:dd-MMM-yy}
SystemDate -- format:  "ddd, MMM dd, yyyy"
(an.CallBackDate <= @SystemDate+1)

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try use SQL function
DATEDIFF(day,an.CallBackDate,@SystemDate) <= 1

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it didn't seem to make an difference.  

I am wanting to display all records dated today and historic (not tomorrow onwards)
What's type of CallBackDate, varchar or datetime?
You can compare them if they are in the same type.

pls try to pass the date without ddd.
"MMM dd, yyyy"
CallBackDate is formatted :  {0:dd-MMM-yy}
SystemDate is formatted :   "ddd, MMM dd, yyyy"
how is this achieved?  
passing the date without ddd.
"MMM dd, yyyy"
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gnoon: yes, I think that did it !
gnoon:  many thanks :-))