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Gridview setting rowstate to edit not working

I have a gridview where I am trying to set a row to edit mode if the datakey is the session key.
I am able to pull the key but it is not setting the row to edit mode.  Here is the code I tried.  I put it on the rowdatabound event.

e.Row.RowState = DataControlRowState.Edit

i also tried
gvFabricDetail.EditIndex = -1

Please help!!
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gvFabricDetail.EditIndex = 0


gvFabricDetail.EditIndex = 1

you have to specify the edit row index not -1
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gvFabricDetail.EditIndex = 0
makes the first row in edit mode, but not the row where the datakey matches.

I use this first
Dim vid As String = gvFabricDetail.DataKeys(e.Row.RowIndex).Value.ToString
to get the datakey and if it matches then
gvFabricDetail.EditIndex =0

Any ideas??
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