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getting a message this software insnt genuie on my windows xp pro

can you tell me how i can change the product key without installing windows xp pro
or do i buy a genuie windows and installl it over the exsiting copy
i dont want to loose any of the data on there and it would take hours to back up
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There are hacks around the product key that we do not encourage within this forum.  The correct thing is to secure a genuine licence for your OS.
Here is a link that should assist in pointing you to the right direction
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yes i will but i need to replace the key thats there
Once you have purchased a licence, microsoft's site has an application that will assit in updating and changing the old key to the new one.  The WGA that assessed the authenticty of the OS will also initiate the application once you follow the links provided.
You will not required to reinstall XP Pro, only the product key will be changed to a genuine one.  No loss of data.
i have purchased a windows xp pro  oem
will this work on the site
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