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Windows 2008

I have installed windows 2008 and using streaming application . I have configured for using one application and this application takes fxm , rep , dll files from a mapped network drive.  Here the problem is , files like dll , rep , fmx.

target  - C:\orant\BIN\ifrun60.EXE z:\fmxs\product_new.fmx  userid=wss_2000/wss_2000@GLwss  'company_code'='1'  'drive_path'='Z:'

startin - z:\fmxs

Please let me know how to handle this when accessed through Terminal server application streaming of Windows 2008

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Brian Pierce
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I dont understand?
Please explain in more detail what the problem is
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I think its too early for me  to deal with windows 2008 , i have kept this pending and not in a hurry