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Exchange 2007 and iPhone IMAP problem

I installed the IMAP service and SSL certficate on the Exchange 2007 server. When I test with Outlook Express I can send and receive e-mail but with the iPhone it is possible to receive e-mail but not to send e-mail.

Incoming e-mail (IMAP): port 993, SSL
Outgoing e-mail (SMTP): port 587. NO SSL

I also use authentication with DOMAIN\username + password

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SSL certificate is from Thawte, Exchange 2007 is up-to-date (SP1)
Is your exchange setup to receive smtp on 587?
yes, i tested that with Outlook Express.
Can you provide some of the IMAP log from the server? If you don't have any, turn on logging by going to ESM, go to the properties of the server in question. Then diagnostic logging tab and enable at least the connections, authentication, client action, and general categories. I think that should provide enough information at medium logging.
I did turn on the logging but can't find the diagnostics log tab (so couldn't enable connections, auth, etc). I see in the IMAP logging only the receiving of the e-mail, not that the clients try to send.
I know this is a simple item, but should be checked none-the-less: Do you have the correct SMTP authentication settings configured on the iPhone?  Also, are you using the Cellphone's EDGE network to send and receive mail?  Perhaps your cell provider is blocking port 587?
Also, make sure you are inputing the SMTP server in this format:
Well, Did that work? I have the same problem and I follwed the guide but I don't understand the "For most organizations, it will be necessary to publish another host for forwarding SMTP (tcp 587) internally to the Hub Transport role. For this article I will use the host It will be nessesary to configure your network to forward the traffic directly to the Hub Transport." part. Can anyone please explain?
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This worked for me.  Thanks, my wife is a happy camper now that her Iphone works.