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Where can I find boot.wim?

I am trying to setup WDS to work but we do not have licenses for Windows Vista (Corporate).

As I only need boot.wim I just wondered if there was anywhere to download this from as it is basically just the one file I need to boot into the console to be able to start capturing my Windows XP images?

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Do you know where on the disk this is located as I have looked there but can't find it?

Sorry not offhand - and I don't have access to it to check at the moment
I think I have the other version of WAIK as it is only on CDR!

I will download this now and have a look, thankyou.
I have downloaded this and cannot find it on there.

I have an OEM version of Vista but this seems to error when I boot from it so it needs to be a corporate version or something like that.

Pretty bad how I need to buy Vista to be able to use it for XP?
I think we are going to order some media from Microsoft.