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GPO Question: How to Restrict saving on desktop


Windows 2003 Active Directory
Win XP SP2 Workstations.

I'm writing a GPO through which I want to remove the ability for domains users to save on desktop.I have found the following setting which removes Desktop from save as dialoge box.
User Settings>Adm templates>Windows Components>Windows Explorer>Common Open File Dialogue

Now I actually need a way to prohibit users from creating/saving files on desktop. This means that:
1) Users cannot right click and create new file/folder
2) Users cannot save outlook attachments on Desktop (they can save it on their H drive)
3) They cannot move(drag and Drop) files like excel/word etc from my documents to desktop.

basically if the user tries to do any of the above, user should get an error.

I read some articles on how to do this and one thing I want to say clearly is that , we donot want to use Folder Redirection to a Share and then remove write permission. Its a good solution but doesn't fit in our infrastructure because of large number of remote offices and bandwidth problem with the hub.

Ideally I would like to run a user logon script which removes permissions from "%userProfile%\Desktop" folder. but I can't get it to work with user rights. Any suggestions please ? I'm open to using Vbscript and/or command line tools like Xcacls. Basically I want this script to not run in user context but in computer context but as a user Logon script and not a startup script.

Thanks and regards
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Hi  used the /D (deny permission) and it seems to be working but when I go via windows explorer, I see that the user can change permissions again.

User(logged on user): /D (denied permissions)
System: F

What can do to reove the ability for users to see the security Tab when they see the properties of
%Userprofile%\Desktop ?