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Installing Windows Xp over Ubuntu on Dell Laptop

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop and it came pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux. I am thinking about installing Windows XP (from scratch). The thing Im worryed about is that the laptop has a restore partition whereby I can re-install linux in 10 minutes (I quess this runs on something similar to ghost).

I am wondering, does anyone know if it will be possible to install XP over linux, but keep the recovery partition intact so I could have the option to reinstall linux at a later date if I wish?
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Yes you can do that ..when you install XP you will most propably see one small partition up to two gigs that contains the restore data not touch it..and you shoul be allright.
Keeping the partition shouldn't be a problem, not even Window is so destructive as to wipe partitions without asking. The problem may be how to BOOT to this recovery partition, as Windows DOES mess up the boot record and kills the bootloader (GRUB, normally). I'm not sure how you tell windows how to boot from a Linux recovery partition.

Make sure you collect all pertinent hardware windows drivers for this system before you do the "downgrade". Ubuntu Linux is much better at getting things to work from the install CD than any windows version I know.
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Thanks guys.
Garycase; your idea sounds pretty good. I would be fine doing this in XP, but not in linux. is Boot-It NG a linux based imaging program then? If so could you tell me where to get it and some rough instructions on how to go about making the image?

Or if I used a windows based program (we have acronis true image at work I think) and just attach the hard drive to our data machine and do an image of it that way, will that still be ok (even though its a linux based partition?)??

Boot-It NG is neither a Windows nor a Linux based imager => it boots to its own operating environment, and you make the images from there.   Most of my systems have multiple boot partitions managed with Boot-It;  in one case I have ~14 bootable systems ... including MSDOS, WFW3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP-Home, XP-Pro (4 different bootable copies), Ubuntu, Kbuntu.   Boot-It IS a bit "geeky" (but not hard) ... I'd download the free demo and give it a try.   Feel free to ask questions about the details if you decide to do that.