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Machine won't boot - I've done something silly, and want to explore all options before rebuilding machine entirely!

Ok, just to begin I'd like to state that I'm already aware that i'm a complete idiot, so there's no need to clarify this point.

Yesterday night I decided to utilize a Paragon boot CD, which boots into some kind of Vista based platform, and presents you with several different disk utilities. My objective was simply to delete my XP system partition, and extend my Vista system partition (both partitions on the same physical disk) into the extra space this provided.

Now due to a lack of any blank disks, and a lack of any kind of common sense, I decided to proceed without any kind of backup.

However, all initially seemed to be going well - The XP partition was deleted successfully, and the Vista partition extended no problems at all. At this point I restarted, switched back to boot HDD, and got the message about inserting a proper boot device.

Now, my initial thinking was that perhaps some kind of boot record for Vista somehow was on the XP system partition, and that it had been wiped off when deleting that partition, so my pooter had no idea what to do with itself on startup. So I figured I'd 'activate' the Paragon boot manager tool, in case that helped allow me to get into the O/S to try to further diagnose the problem.

Well that seems to have been a mistake - Now, whenever I try to boot from the HDD, the Paragon Boot Manager appears, but with random 'artifacts' all over the screen, and is totally frozen from the get go. I have been back into the utility and 'disabled' the boot manager, but it still starts and freezes.

I'm hoping this is just the result of the machine still being unable to boot from the disk (for the same reason it couldn't before activating the boot manager), and somehow in turn is causing the boot manager to die the moment it starts.

SOOOO, if anyone has any suggestions (other than clouting myself round the head for not making a recovery disk) on a way to get my PC to boot back into Vista (obviously XP doesn't exist any more) I'd REALLY appreciate it.

NOTE : I can't try any suggestions until I get home tonight (6pm GMT) and unless it works won't be able to respond until tomorrow morning.

Many many thanks,

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Oh I forgot to mention one thing - The disk utils saw the XP partition as C:\, and the Vista partition as D:\ - Having deleted the c:\ partition, in my infinite wisdom decided it would be a great idea to assign the c:\ drive letter to the Vista partition instead. (bareing in mind that prior to doing any of this, if actually booting Vista, it already saw itself as the c:\). No idea if this made things worse or not...

@Jackiefan - Thanks for the suggestion, but did you mean to say XP CD? Or Vista CD?
The example was from the XP CD because I've not acctually had to try it from the Vista CD, but it's probably similar..... I hope.
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Cheers buddy!