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Outlook 2007 free/busy coexistance with public folders & Autodiscovery

Can Outlook 2007 be configured to use public folders and Exchange 2007 mailbox's at the same time for free/busy?
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I don't get your question entirely.

PF are still part in exchange 2007 and - for as far as I know - don't have anything to see with a user's inbox...

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My understanding is that Outlook 2007 by default uses the calender info in a user's mailbox via autodiscovery/SCP for free/busy. Although you can change the default behavior through the registry to look @ PF. Also depending on which server the mailbox resides on and which client (Outlook 2003(PF)/2007(Mailbox)) is used to access that MB.
My question is can Outlook 2007 see both mailbox F/B (Exchange 2007) & PF F/B (Exchange 2007) during our migration from Groupwise 7 through an Exchange 2003 bridgehead to Exchange 2007. I hope I'm making some sense.
Quite some complicated thing going on over there. I've never actually been in such a situation, so I would have to say that I don't know.

Sembee will probably know ;)

This is purely for coexistance during our migration phase, I'll be looking forward to his reply!
You are fortunate that I am currently posting, I haven't been for two months and am likely to stop posting again shortly.

If you enable public folder support in Exchange 2007 and then replicate the free/busy information to the new server as well as the old one then there will be full co-existence between the versions.

So your saying that Outlook 2007 doesn't support both PF  F/B & Availabilty Service/Calender folder F/B @ the same time, correct?
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Thanks for the reply Simon,
Unfortunately our test environment is in native mode, do we have to choose one or another (can we go back)?
That wouldn't be a problem, during coexistance we would pull F/B from PF's, then when done use the Availability Service (via Registry edits). Your thoughts?
I wasn't referring to the type of Exchange org, but whether you have enabled support for older versions of Outlook. If you did then the public folders should be there.

If the Exchange org is at native mode then you cannot go back.

Did you mean older versions of Exchange?

As always, Thx for your input!
No if I meant Exchange I would have said Exchange, not Outlook.