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SMTP alias not working. All basic steps checked ok. Help please.


I have setup an SMTP alias for one of my users in Exchange 2003.  This is something i have done hundreds of times before.  This alias isnt working, i have checked the following:

1.  Email is working fine.  Internal, external.  Checked email for the same domain.
2.  The alias is an SMTP alias for the same domain as the primary, which is working.
3.  Domain replication has been forced to all DC's and has updated ok.
4.  All systems are online as per normal.
5.  When i try and email the alias from an external account, i get an NDR to say the recipient doesnt exist.
6.  The users primary account works fine.

Would appreciate some help troubleshooting this issue please?

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Ofcourse, Message Labs.  Stupid me.  Thanks.