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I need a number of questions that can be used in a technical interview for an application packager.

Any suggestions ?
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Not entirely sure what you mean be an application packager, for a company, for distribution to www or ??  Few questions I can suggest what experience do they have with MSI's?  Experience with Wise, AdminStudio, Orca etc..?  If packaging for a company/domain, what experience do they have with the System Deployment tools for example Active Directory, SMS 2003, SCCM 2007, Zenworks etc...?  (You may wish to define how the application is to be deployed.)

If you can explain in more detail what the "application packager" is referring to we may be able to narrow down the questions.

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The main skills that have to be tested are (in order of importance) : windows installer (msi), vbscript, wise package studio, Radia Packaging.
The questions should not always be bound to a certain technology or packaging tool.   They can also be about system stability,  system architecture, "the art of packaging".
Kind of lost me there, so I assume we're talking about packaging applications for deployment?  Is that correct?
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yes that is correct.
Here is what I've found you maybe able to put them in a question format, firstly, the way you package an application depends on the method of deployment, SMS, AD etc..  They all have limits, so they need to know what these limits are and how best to get around these.  Software is mostly never packaged the same in the factory, so where one set of switches works for one MSI it won't work for another, they must know how to resolve these issues, legacy applications (setup.exe) may need to be repackaged what is the best method for repacking again this can depend on the mechanism for deployment?  User Configuration Settings how to capture these, removing EULA, General Settings, how to capture and deploy with the package.

Hope some of that made sense.

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