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How do I use an APEX Application Express form to display results from a SELECT query???

The user will enter values in our APEX web form. Then we need to run a SQL statement with what the user put in.  I have the SQL code but don't know how to use it.  

********Please look at the file below for:************************
                                            (1) The web form
                                            (2) The SQL code  

Need to know:
(1)  Where to put this code in the APEX web form?
(2)  How to make the code process what the user put in the form?
Our form looks like this:

Start_Date ____________

Per_Period ____________

Period ____________

[Submit Button]

The user will enter these 3 values in the form.
This is an example of an user providing the values:

Start_Date     03/14/08_______

Per_Period    $200.00________

Period              4____________

[Submit Button]


Then they will click the Submit Button.

The SQL command would return this output based on the users selections:

START_DATE                      PER_PERIOD        PERIOD
------------------------------ ---------------------- -----------------------------
14-MAR-2008  00:00          200                          Week 1 of 4
21-MAR-2008  00:00          200                          Week 2 of 4
28-MAR-2008  00:00          200                          Week 3 of 4
04-APR-2008  00:00           200                          Week 4 of 4
Total 800

Thanks very much for your help!!!!

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Sean Stuber

How does the query in your document relate to the inputs?

You would add a report region to your form with your query.
And reference (I think) the following bind variables in your where clause.


maybe as a where clause on t1, maybe as an adjustment on your criteria with clause.
I'm not sure.  why does the with have a hard coded value?  Is that supposed to be the start_date selected by the user?

with criteria as (select to_date('03/14/08', 'mm/dd/rr')  as start_date,
                         4 as periods,
                         'Week' as period,
                         200 per_period from dual),
periods as (select 'Week' period, 7 days, 0 months from dual
  union all select 'BiWeek', 14, 0 from dual
  union all select 'Month', 0, 1 from dual
  union all select 'ByMonth', 0, 2 from dual
  union all select 'Quarter', 0, 3 from dual
  union all select 'Year', 0 , 12 from dual
t1 as (
select add_months(start_date,months*(level-1))+days*(level-1) start_date,
       c.period||' '||level||' of '||c.periods period
  from criteria c join periods p on c.period = p.period
 connect by level <= periods)
select case grouping(start_date)
            when 1 then 'Total'
            else to_char(start_date)
       end start_date,
       sum(per_period) per_period,
from t1
group by rollup ((start_date, period))

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Sean Stuber

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Thank you very very much!!!!

U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!