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9600 gt - how good is it?

Hi All

Okay, so here's the deal.
I am currently running an XFX 9800 Ultra (extreme edition) with the following specs:
Clock rate:  650 MHz
 Shader Clock:  1605 MHz
Memory Clock: 2.2 GHz
Dual Link DVI - Supporting digital output up to 2560x1600:
Game Bundle:
GeForce 8800 Ultra  
768 MB
Bus Type:
Memory Type:
Memory Bus:
384 bit
I realise this card is one of the best on the market however I want to upgrade.
Don't ask why, hehe.

I've noticed that the 9600 gt has just been launched and had a look at its specs.  It's obviously much cheaper than my card and PERHAPS not as powerful.  However looking closely there are some very similar speeds.

Dual Link DVI - Supporting digital output up to 2560x1600:
Yes (Dual)
 Shader Clock:1625 MHz
Clock rate:650 MHz
 Memory Clock:1.8 GHz
GeForce 9600 GT
 Memory:512 MB
Bus Type:
PCI-E 2.0
 Memory Type:
Memory Bus:

Now, I obviously wouldn't replace my 8800 with this 9600 BUT because the 9600 is so cheap (almost 300 pounds less than my card!)  I was considering selling my 8800 and going SLI with 2 9600's

So, to cut this short, will 2 9600's running in SLI mode be more powerfull than my single 8800?

I'm in a pickle, help me out!


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Hi again!

Thanks for the reply Pete, this news is very interresting.
The only problem is that I am not running an 8800GTX, I'm actually running
the 8800 Ultra (extreme edtiion - factory overclocked) which is a bit better than the 8800gtx.

Any more points on this topic would be great as I'm still undecided...

Well I think the same thing applies, except you'll probably find that your standalone 8800 Ultra will work better for more apps and games etc.

Think of it in a similar way to Dual Core CPUs - Applications and programmes have to be designed to utilise these technologies. For example, many games that were released prior to the release of dual core CPUs see absolutely no performance increase from having a dual core CPU, because they simply 'don't know how' to use the extra resources.

I would imagine that as time goes on more and more things will be designed to use these 'enthusiast' technologies. Hence why in the article, some games saw a definite increase, and others did not.

In my personal opinion, I would stick with the 8800 Ultra for now, and wait a while until SLi / Crossfire really comes into it's own...

If you go down the route of twin 9600GTs now, you'll no doubt find that some games (Crysis for example) will not run as well as they used to, some games will run the same, and others will run better. (substitute games for 'other apps' as well - Principle is the same).

Obviously, it's entirely down to you, but I don't think it's worth it overall at this point in time.
HI again

Yeah, you have a point.  Is there any news on a release date for a 9800?
Also, have a look at this, according to a benchmark test on the 8800 ultra vs 9600 Twin,
the 9600's win by about 900 points on 3Dmark 06.
Let me know what you think.

I think that would be great, provided all the apps you personally use are as well designed to use the SLi technology as 3Dmark 06 is! :)

That proves that when fully utilised, the 9600 SLi config wins out. But in the real world, when it's more about how a particular game performs, benchmarks don't often hold true, due to the fact that they are designed to FULLY utilise these technologies.

So it would hold true when testing a fully SLi compatible application or game, but not in other cases.

I'm actually looking into the same sort of thing as you at the moment, as well as whether or not to invest in a QuadCore CPU - And again, have found that most of the apps and games out at the moment can't even use DualCore technology, let alone Quad core!

I suppose you have to weigh it up - Moving to SLi now would give you better 'future proofing', but at the same time, the prices are only going to drop, so by waiting you're essentially paying less for the same thing.

So it depends really on how much of a problem your current set up is! (By problem, I simply mean how much you want to upgrade! Is it just a enthusiasts whim, or is something specific annoying you about the 8800 Ultra?).

Anyway, if you choose to sell and move to SLi, i'll take the 8800 Ultra off your hands no problems... £10 ok? :)
Oh and the best I can find on the 9800 are suggestions from Sept 2007, suggesting a Q1 2008 release. You can expect a delay there though, as otherwise you can expect it any day now (not gonna happen!).

But I didn't look particularly hard and there may be more up to date information somewhere... Usually though it's very easy to find info on these things just prior to their release, so you can almost guarantee it'll be a little while yet... :)
Usually though it's very easy to find info on these things just prior to their release, so you can almost guarantee it'll be a little while yet... :)

Have a look at this:

As far away as you expected?
Have you looked into the 8800GT - you can find them at almost the same price of the 9600 and they run at a bit better performance.

I don't know still if it would be worth the drop of the Ultra you are using though, as they others have said, not everything you do will see the increase.

Good luck,

lol, oh ok!

Well I can't be right ALL the time... :) I'll keep my eye out for this then, see what price it's release in the UK for!

It does look pretty huge in those pics...

Thanks for the chat, you've definately cleared some uncertainties for me.
I think I am going to just wait for the 9800, you're right it does look like a beast
but if you saw my beast of a case, all makes sense.

I'm crossing my fingers for a March / April release.

We'll see

THanks again!!