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Blocking Websites with DNS

I've decided to forward certain websites to their loopback address to prevent users from viewing certain sites while at work. Is there a method of allowing a certain user access to these websites?
I've considerd editing her hosts file to point to the IP address directly, but I have not been able to access the site by the returned IP addresses (ping, whois).
Could i edit the hosts file to point to a dns server when looking up at address?

Also, is there a way to log all the attempts to access these sites? (attempts to access the loopback)
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You could give OpenDNS a try.
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I'm interested in the host file solution for blocking sites.  Does this solution imply that the hosts file on each machine in a lan would have to be edited?
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Thats what I gathered from that solution. Now you could add that to a login script and apply to all users to pend onto their hosts file however, they may be able to alter depending on their local permissions.
I edited the DNS on the server by created new forward lookup zones for the websites that I wanted to block and pointed them to the loopback address. It looks kind of ugly, but it works.
I have created such forward lookup zones also, but I hate the overcrowding in DNS.  I work for a small company and I'm really adept at scripting.  I understand the basics, but writing such a script will require further education on my part.  It seems that's where I need to focus my efforts though.  My users are not local administrators, and if i could alter this hosts file it would solve a lot of my problems.