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vbscript to monitor disk space

Hello, hope someone can help with this. We've had to re-install our MOM 2005 server. I've done this and setup a monitor job. The job reads a vbscript, the script looked at the logical drives and if less than 5% we would get an alert. I know nothing about scripting, does anyone have a script which will do this for me, as I say, all i need to script to do is check the logical disk looking for less than 5% space.

Thank you
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Thank you. The first link look slike the sort of thing, but as oi don't know the language would i need to edit it at all? i noted the path(s) reference which lok blank??

Thank you

Do you need a script that will work with MOM or just something that will log the disk space warning?

a script should be easy enough but if all you need is to monitor disk space and get an alert why not just use perfomance monitor?
Hi, we have MOM which will interrogate the event logs, I just need a script that will check the space, and log an event if the disk space is lower than 5%.
Thank you