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Optiplex 330 with dual monitors? Need help getting this to work or suggest another card?

Client bought an optiplex 330 and wanted it to support 2 monitors.  called the orer into a sales guy and bought 2 monitors also.  it came with the integrated VGA (Analog) video card which doesn't support 2 monitors.

but neither does the pro card they offer as an upgrade?

and in the 330 webpage, it doesn't seem you can even order a 2nd monitor / no config of the 330 using dual monitors.

So I installed a PCI dual monitor card that I've used in loads of other machines :

but the 330 BIOS seems to want a PCIe video card?  we don't reliably get dual montors working. seems the integrated video card still kicks in and that is live as is 1 of the add on cards (both showing the same image).

anyone know of a reasonably priced dual monitor PCIe video card?

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plug one monitor into the onboard card, and the other monitor into the other card.. it does work - for spanning?  I was seeing the same thing on both.  maybe try the 2nd connector on the add on card (the add in card and integrated video all have vga conectors so no adapter needed?!).

disable the video - I was in there... but like you say ' a PEG card will override'.  what about a PCI?  That's what I have.  In the bios you can see what's in the PCIe and PCI slots.  it sees a video card in 1 pci slot.  but will pci override onboard?  I got it working, I thought.  but they say it's only showing 1 of the 2 screens that should be spanned.
yes it works for spanning, you need to enable spanning in the control panel.

start -> control panel -> display
click settings tab
Click on the grayed-out box to the right of the black box which represent the second monitor.
Enable (select or check) the check box next to Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor.
Optionally, adjust the resolution of the secondary display.
If the second screen is physically located to the left of your primary (first) screen, drag and drop the second monitor to the left of the first display on the display properties settings.
You will have a desktop that spans both of your display screen.
I'm going to walk them through that (hook 1 monitor to integrated and 1 to the pci video card.  so would a single video card work (rather than 1 that supports dual monitors?) -  I guess it comes back to does the integrated video card support dual monitor? t he dell website says yes.

I don't think you answered - what are your thoughts of a PCI card (vs. PCIe) overriding the internal.

back in a little while to say how this went...
pci video cards are becoming harder to get and more expensive.
PCIe is going to be faster, more available and cheaper.  
either should override the internal video card if it's set in the bios to do such.

i've seen on some models dell  make the dual monitor work off the integrated card you have to buy a special cable from dell for that.
thanks.  I'm putzing around with the user over the phone.  we'll see.  I had disabled integrated video in the hardware manager trying to get this working last week,.  I reenabled them and rebooted - yeah.  as much as there's 1 vga connector, the integrated card comes up twice - 1 for each video it supports?!  I bet there's an internal VGA connector on the mobo.

just heard from the user.  display properties shows 3 screens (1 is greyed out).  likely that 1 is the unused on the add in card.  they say it looks good. we'll see if the nvidia add ins work / are available like on the other machines.

thanks for your help!